Best Hi-Fi is today one of the largest hifi stores in Zurich. Founded in 1997, Best Hi-Fi is still enjoing much popularity with audio, Home Cinema and Multiroom , enthusiasts around Switzerland.

On more than 250 m^2 customers will find a variety of Hi Fi , homecinema , Multiroom and Design systems, to listen to: Whether slim design-systems or uncompromisingly audiophile heavyweights, whether puristic stereo- or the most modern surround-systems - we have something for every budget and taste.

Our range of speakers (like Acoustic Energy, Monitor Audio, Wharfedale, Thiel Audio, B&O, Martin Logan ) is combined with premium-quality electronics ( like , Advance Acoustic, Audio Analogue , Electrocompaniet, Peachtree Audio, Roksan and many more) to achieve the best results - even in difficult rooms.

But it is not only the audiophile that Best Hi-Fi has a lot to offer for. Customers will also find a variety of Multiroom Systems, televisions ( Sony, Samsung, Sharp , Pioneer, Philips etc) or other consumer electronics in our store.

Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our products and great service, during a visit to our shop in Zurich, where you'll be advised by a team of competent hi-fi enthusiasts.

For the Best Sound and Bild for your investment, come to us .